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Optical Illusions - Another Approach

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Cylinder Mirror Optical Illusion
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 Optical Illusions - Another Approach

We've all seen optical illusions when, at first glance, you'd swear that you were looking at a black and white silhouette of a sailboat. When prompted, though, as to whether or not there was actually an image of a house there instead, suddenly our brain would instead see the house, with the sailboat disappearing (so called ambiguous images). Or a black and white image that shows alternating white and black tiles on a wall, which at first are obviously stacked crookedly but when examined with a ruler are, in fact, stacked in perfect parallel fashion.

These illusions often have a physiological explanation related to brain structure, neuron pathways, and the physical structure of the eye, but they're also a good example of day-to-day problem solving, and how ideas like lateral thinking (which revolves around the concept of being open to multiple possible solutions to problems) can help us escape the possible pitfall of just seeing one possible answer to problems, or thinking that everything must be black or white, wrong or right.

The benefits of taking a broader approach to problem solving can be seen everywhere, even in something as seemingly arbitrary as games of chance, casino games, or online gaming in general. If you're looking for the best rated bonuses or best casino games, pause for a second and consider exactly what's motivating you. If you're looking to make more money, is that how you'll best accomplish that goal? A poker player might be better served by buying poker books or watching instructional videos to become a better (more profitable) player, instead of simply chasing the biggest bonus offers from site to site.

You might even need to think more broadly, as far as possible solutions. If you're trying to make extra money by playing online poker but failing, maybe being a successful poker player simply isn't in the cards for you. Instead of abandoning the game and all you've learned, though, perhaps you can make your millions instead by writing a screenplay about poker (such as Rounders), or by getting a job as a programmer for an online poker site, if you have skills such as creative writing or computer programming. Instead of getting locked into thinking that there's only one possible solution to your problem, step back and consider all the angles, and open yourself up to all the possibilities that might present themselves to you.


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